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I'm currently seeing Mr robot but I have one question, how does the USB hack occurs and how can I do it, if you don't remember it was iTunes and USB thing, thanks for helping

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That was just malware on a flash drive, and it was caught by the antivirus the police department had installed. Not sure how to do it though, maybe something with MSFvenom.

It's called a bad USB...

Essentially, our "Bad USB" spoofs the identity of a keyboard. Once it's recognized as a input device , the USB will run what ever code you wanted it to. The link to tutorial is here Tutorial on how to make a Bad Usb

Oh, my bad, I was thinking that the cop had opened a file on the drive. Yes, this is a BadUSB.

you can mess with usb's in a lot of ways a bad usb is an example alternatively u could set a malicious code in the content of a file on the usb and set it to open on plug in(this method draws more attention though)

Most new machines have Autoplay disabled by default, however.

theres a lot of systems that aren't updated tho so still may be worth a try, and besides that if its to prank someone you know you may as well let them open the file by themselves

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