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I was watching the television show mr. Robot and in the first episode he pretends he is a bank to get information from a person. Then he uses those keywords to generate a password list. I have used CUPP before but I was wondering if there was a wordlist generator that just used a set of words instead of using very specific details like in CUPP.

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you can use CUPP for exactly that!

it's really simple, you just press enter for all the personal details without entering anything, and when you see "Enter some extra keywords about the victim? (y/n)", you enter "y", press enter, and enter your set of words.

you might benefit from my tutorial on using CUPP.


CUPP is a cool stuff to generate the password!


CUPP is a very good tool. But I'm entering all of my information and it still can't seem to generate my password. Let's for example use a fake password like: Nathansmith12345.

Can you please make a tutorial on how to generate a Wordlist which will test each word and each set of numbers together please.

Nathan Smith

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