Forum Thread: Parrot Security Os Problem......

I removed Windows 8 and installed Parrot Sec Os.I installed it correctly in my hard disk drive but there are so many problem:

1st:My touchpad stops working and I can point and open anything..
2nd:The whole Os hangs and it says mate panel not responding...
3rd:When I open my os then first time if I click on root terminal it opens but after that it does not open.
4th:When I use proxychains like (proxychains iceweasel),it says ProxyChains-3.1 (

(process:2475): GLib-CRITICAL *: gslicesetconfig: assertion 'syspagesize == 0' failed

If anyone can help me I would be grateful plz...

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Well with the root terminal , you could go to john(password cracker) and It'l open a root terminal but can be inconvenient . I had the same problem but It worked for me when I added it to Keychain , just asks for keychain password and it worked fine, all though I heard there was a vulnerability with keychain , other than that I think you should be fine.

I would suggest doing a backup then downloading and installing a new Parrot image and configure proxychains. If that doesn't work just do some research.

Thanks Phoenix and Clockswise for giving your kind help,I will try to update and upgrade my os......

ive had the same problem as your first one, although it could be caused by different reasons. I found out that my computer wasnt able to handle all the background widgets and other processes

OK... I have a problem too.

Well, I couldn't install the firewall in the Parrot Security os

can anyone help me with it?

Most Linux users don't need firewalls...

Help !!! My G40 Lenovo Laptop Can Not Read Any Wifi and Wireless Single Running Parrot Security OS What Could Be the Problem? How Should I Configure It, Please Help. I Am New in the World of Linux, Please Help.

I download mysql server on parrot, i want to install bwapp but some mysql codes shows, i install last php but the same, how to install it

Page up and page down key isn't not working .Anyone please help me.

After encrypt partition, on boot OS do not ask for password.
Anyone please help me.

My parrot sec system stucks at blue screen after login . Plz help me

Pls o

My laptop got stuck at parrot logo

This is a best OS but it shows multiple errors. If you are looking for best dell laptop battery visit us Battery For Dell

how to set up a dial up bradband connection ?

I am a newbie on linux , i installed parrot linux and evertyhing work ok until i tried connecting my new internet connection , it shows receiving nd sending but does not connects , firefox ,tor ,update nothing works, pls help

thanks in advance

i have parrot os security kde-plasma edition, but after some time , in some of application the fonts are get error or just display some binary no. instead of english, i upload picture, that happened in many application and in login screen i didn't able to login as root please if anyone know's this solution?

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