stdapi_fs_stat: Operation Failed: 1 || Error on Creating Android/Meterpreter/reverse_tcp Session

Hello everyone!

I need some help regarding stdapifsstat: Operation failed: 1 this issue. I have created an infected apk file using Evil-Droid and have successfully created a session over LAN with my android device. Every command is working perfectly. But I want to download pictures from DCIM folder to my root directory.

When I download an image individually by using download /ImageName it works fine and downloading gets start. But when I try to download the complete directory, it shows this error.

Kindly help me assuming me a beginner :D
Sorry for my weak English as well XD

2 Responses

downloading a directory from android DOESN'T WORK. Unfortunately, you have to download them file by file

that happen because after embedding the apk with the payload , it no longer asks for permissions on install and you have to set the permissions for the app manually. and nobody on the internet knows why yet.

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