Forum Thread: Was Wanting to Create a Keylogger, via Metasploit

I downloaded metasploit framework, which brought up no console, then downloaded community which brought up a console but i had no idea how to use it. which one do i use? and if framework where is the console, also the community had an error when loading the framework through the console said use fiddler and closed. kinda confused here.

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yeh but is that with downloading the community one not the framework? and sorry i am using windows vista atm. thanks occupyt i am looking at ur stuff now.

Download and use Kali Linux.

Metasploit does not work well on Windows. If you really want to hack, you need Linux.

Do you have a link to a guide for how to download and install kali linux on vista and do I need a usb, for some reason virtualbox does not work on my download it says it is not a valid win32 app :/

There are many ways to install Kali. You can use it in a VM, dual, Live USB, etc. There are tutorials on all of those here.

ok sorted that vb error, didnt have virtualisation enabled on BIOS, for anyone struggling with win32 app error.

instead use a live usb,why dont you turn your pc into dual boot OS,thats way better,im using win7 and Kali linux in 1 pc anyway,works great but still have to find compartible wifi card driver when boot as kali liux :/

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