Forum Thread: Metasploit and Armitage Port Forward

i want to learn kali and Metasploit so i installed virtualbox and kali linux 2.0 on my windows 10
did i have to open port to use Metasploit and Armitage ?
and how to open it on virtualbox and windows
my router is Alcatel-Lucent I-240W-Q, if i have to do something in it
help me please and sorry for my bad english
thank you

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6 Responses

i want to hack outside my local network

i know how to portforward my router, i just ask what i have to do with ports in my virtualbox or windows and how virtualbox, kali, Metasploit and Armitage ports work

thank you for fast replay

opening ports is not important ,you just need to forward them to your internal ip (kali machine) default port is 4444 but you could use any

ok thank you i understand that to just forward my router

how i can sure if Armitage ports is working correctly or not

and is there any good courses or tutorials about using armitage for Beginners (focus on hack other computers not local or servers or any thing more just remote computers )

sorry if i ask much but i really want to start using this tool

ok thank you for you replay

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