Forum Thread: Metasploit on an Older Computer?

I wanted to try Kali because Metasploit intrigues me.

Is there a version of Linux that I can use and install Metasploit that is not as demanding on memory. I am of limited means and both my desktop and my laptop are "older" models that are limited to 2 gigs of memory.

I have used various versions of Linux and none are this demanding of memory.

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When I try to install Kali ( I tried kali and kali mini both ) I get an unable to boot, PAE required.
PAE has a min of 4 gigs of memory. Is there a way around this?

Are your computers pre-2000?

No, desktop is 2005 with AMD Athlon64 processor 3400+

2.4GHZ, w/ 2 gb ram on a Gigabit KV8Pro Mobo and 2 hard drives equaling 1/2 terabyte. Has a Radeon 9600 Pro video card. In it's day it was a pretty good computer. I know by today's standards it doesn't hold a candle but I don't use it for gaming or video editing so it does the job.

The laptop is an inspiron 8600 I really don't remember whats in it except that it will not support more than 2 gb of RAM either.


Kali Linux should install and run in both of those systems, albeit, slowly. If you can't get it to install, you may want to run it Live or from a USB. In addition, consider installing a lightweight Linux, such as Arch Linux and then downloading Metasploit.


how do I get around the installer halting because I do not have PAE which I can't have because of my memory limits.

Hey bill,

Not sure why you're having an issue, i EXISTed running Kali on 2gb with an insp 8400 for its first two updates. Much as I'm loath to go against Master OTW's advice ever, assuming you're running 32bit Kali I don't see why you would need PAE....

You don't happen to be be installing into a virtualbox install are you?

I don't know why either. But, when I try to install ( from the boot disc I made with the ISO I downloaded here ) it will get as far as the first menu. Once I select one of the install options it starts installing then halts with a message on screen telling me I cannot continue because I do not have PAE. This is on the 8600 and it is a clean install from after a re-boot, so no virtualbox. I cannot get it to run live either. Knoppix runs fine on the 8600 but it isn't as full featured as Kali is supposed to be. Looks like I may never know. Any suggestions????

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