Forum Thread: WhatsApp Sniffing on Kali Linux.

Is it possible to sniff the messages and pictures sent through whatsapp on Kali? I know it is possible with a rooted Android phone, but I haven't found any tutorials on computers.

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will dont waist your time,
i did all possible thing to do it and its not working

There is NOTHING that is not hackable.

From where you got test.apk in video...................#PHELIPPE RICARDO SANTOS

stops after "starting payload handler" even i installed that apk in my phone...still it isnt loading automatically like they show in help me out

thanks in advance

you can steal data from your victim, instead of hacking their whatsapp and control their phone while.... its just for the thrill

(just don't get yourself in trouble guys)

yes possible amzkerWhatsappsniffer in your android archon from play
3.create amzkerWhatsappsniffer chorme apk using archon kali chorme amzkerWhatsappsniffer on it
7.simple you are man in middel on your routeror connect wifi network get all masseges of victim who connected with your wifi
For installing andy app in kali go to my youtube video
not pasting link becuse of i not know it allowe or not here
just search amzker pro hacker and find out how to install android app in kali


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