Forum Thread: What Is Your Pc/Laptop Build

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Hi, i hope all the nullbyte community members share their setups!

So, what's your pc/laptop/gaming/hash cracking or hacking build ?

Thanks, lovely people!

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Oh lol! It was a beast in its days though ;)

My My, it reminds me of the old apple IIc that my father used to own with the huge floppy disks. The funny part is that is was considered a "portable" computer as the c in apple IIc stands for compact haha. Thank you Moore's law :p

oh, tbh, I never saw a one! I think I'm not old enough ;)

I am not that old too (90's), but i was born in Africa. We get all the technologies one generation later. So when the world had the discs, we had just got the floppies, when the TV got colors we got TVs :p

One of the few advantages of being born in Africa even if we were born late we still witnessed technology evolution, and we never had to bet on a technology like Blueray Vs HD DVD. when we get them the world already knows who the winner is hahahaha

Oh lol, same here bro! here, we still don't have sdd's (they are rare and very very expensive, also the oldest ones lol!), I'm planning to move :)

AS this is posted into the Null-byte world, I assume you want to know what characteristics are recommended for a "hacking" machine. Well it all depends on what you would like to achieve, test, compute ... Myself; I wanted to virtualize a "lab" I could work and test on. To do so, processing power is not a priority any I7 processor would do pretty good(except if you plan to do lot of brute forcing or have some time constraints). Most OS distribution won't take a lot of space (5 to 20 Gb for linux distros, 30 to 60 for windows), So a 300 Gb partition for your VMs, tools applications, ISOs, … would probably be more than we need. RAM on the other hand will be consumed quickly if you boot multiple VMs in parallel, I would suggest having at least 6Gbs of RAM on your machine. Ram is not as expensive as other components and is easily extensible. I personally have an ASUS ROG as my main machine, I also use old computers and laptops (from Pentium II yes it is still working ? ) as well as Raspberry PI tablets, and basically anything that has some I/O, memory, and computing power.

If you are interested in the build independently of minimum requirements then here is my build .
4th Gen I7 4710HQ
2Tb HDD + 256GB SSD
Nvidia GTX 970 3Gb DDR5 dedicated mem.

Thank you for the info :D !

I saved money for years and years, and I think the time to spend them has come! I'm thinking about 5820k, 32 gb 3200mhz ram, Mx cherry Blue switches keyboard, 3 1080p ips monitors, and samsung 850 pro for kali, also, 2 gtx 980 ti for hash cracking, and racing simulation..! and a great fan setup!

I'm fututre proofing this build, at least 5 years, I will be hacking, password cracking, hosting malicious websites, programming....all stuff connected to technology!

Also, I will buy a lightweight laptop, just an enough one to capture wpa handshake, and do nmap scans, nothing heavy! Also, I will buy a raspberry pi, and a nexus to use nethunter...also some alfa's..rfid hacking know, all that fun things!

My only concerns till now, is that should I get a (xeon "more expensive for same price" , or 5960x "better for web hosting than the 5820k") , also if I should choose titan x, and if i should do quad gpu build) , also if I should get 3 1440p monitors (not 1080p) (I really hate multitasking in kali, I like everything being on screen)! Also I'm still worried about kali linux as main os (dual boot with windows though) for that build (as I'm a newbie also, I can't be better than an antivirus at the moment!) !! Lot's of decisions!

Btw, your cpu serms to be a mobile (laptop) one, but your gpu is gtx 970 or 970m ?!

You can learn hacking on any laptop with Pentium 4 or better

I know, and you are totally right! But I have the budget, and I saved it for years ago, just to build a good pc, I would feel bad if I built a low end one!

If you have a good enough computer right now, i would advise you to wait a little bit or buy the laptop first. DDR4 memory is spreading and the clocks are getting improved every day. If you want to future proof it, it would be better to to go with the 6th generation I7 "Skylake" and DDR4 memory. But for now it is still a bit expensive. You really don't need 2x980 GTx in SLI That would be good for 4k gaming :p; buying one at first then adding another one as need be is wiser.

If you're only going to be using the computer for hacking, then I wouldn't go overboard. Trust me, it's unnecessary.

As for lightweight laptops, I would recommend an ultrabook, just be very specific with the parts because a lot of manufacturers will try to cut corners that really compromise overall speed. Also, I would steer clear of Macs. It's just too much of a headache in terms of compatibility; you can get things working just fine, but like I said, it's a nightmare. With that being said, unfortunately due to the model of the wireless card inbuilt in mine, I can't spoof with the Mac.

NetHunter is a bit gimmicky, I wouldn't buy a Nexus for the sole purpose of NetHunter. Don't get me wrong, I love Nexus products, I think they're great.

Don't go too crazy with buying tech specifically for hacking. Think in a larger scope. It's great that you're so enthusiastic, but keep in mind that you can go a bit overboard, especially for your purposes.

If you're wanting a decent hacking machine look at getting a mid to high range computer.

But that's just me.



I was thinking about Dell 5000 series....but ultrabook! i think they have piir cooling system, that doesn't cool well, and heat kills the laptops! i don't want to change it every few months! What's your opinion ?

Would a 2000$ budget be average and acceptable ? or should i lower it more ?

Which computer? I have 3.

And that's after downsizing.


Then tell us about all of them please! I would be happy to hear from you!

Processor: quad core i7 4th gen @3.4ghz
RAM: 32gb ddr3
Graphics: nVidia 770m with 3gb vram
Storage: dual 1TB @ 5400 rpm

Processor: dual core i3 (can't remember speed)
RAM: 4gb ddr3
Graphics: ATI 5870 with 2gb vram
Storage: 500GB @ 5400 rpm

Processor: dual core i5 (can't remember speed)
RAM: 4gb ddr3
Graphics: integrated
Storage: 256GB SSD

I can't remember some of the specs exactly, but that's what I've got.


Which one do you use when you crack passwords ? And do you have kali linux as dual boot or in a vm ?


I'll use any of them to crack; time generally isn't a major factor for me. Most often MAC1 because I'll play games on PC1 to waste time.

I dual boot on all three machines.

I've also been meaning to upgrade storage drives, but money is a finite resource for me at the moment.


The best machine on earth.
Sorry, couldn't upload original photo from iPad.

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So cheap and the possibilities are near limitless; love Raspberries.


Well i think you want to build gaming pc rather than hacking pc because As much as i know hacking can be done using a dual core processor with 2 GB ram, But if you are a extreme hacker and if you think you need more powerful pc than my suggestion is-

MONITOR:ROG SWIFT PG278Q 27-inch 2560 x 1440 4 Monitor...

I mean it's nice to have that power, but not really necessary at all.


Hmm....for hacking, i would get rid of 5960x, and get 5820k, with two gtx 980 ti's....the titan x is overpriced.

thanks anyway :)

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