Forum Thread: Best Laptop for Kali

please tell me best laptops for kali or which laptops do you use for pentesting to use them as a base of what to buy.


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Any laptop really as long as it meets Kalis specs

thanks, but i say which one do you have for taking it as a base for buying one

I've bought laptops off of eBay for $60 that work perfectly with Kali. The "oldest" one is a dual processor, 1GB RAM with, 80GB Hard drive. Works just fine. I even have Kali one of my RaspPis. Like Taran said, anything that meets (or probably should exceed if you want to keep upgrading it) would be fine.

If you do buy a laptop with similar specs to the one that Burnct mentioned, you might want to consider a lighter desktop environment, like XFCE. It would run fine, I'm sure, but you would get more speed this way.

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