Forum Thread: Anonymous on the Net or Not

Followup to other posts here about remaining anonymous while on the internet using laptop/device.

As the article below ( linked )at bottom of this post showed back in 1999, chip makers were having their chips send out or thinking of sending out the equivalent of a SS# for your device and the privacy foundations were in litigation to find out what was being done. So for discussion are our devices, in the post 9/11 world truly untraceable? I doubt it.

1) Would like to see the Null Byte Staff / Community discuss and list out steps they think would make the person and device non attribution. I am talking listing out a decision tree for everyone to comment on as to the steps to go totally anon, from step 1 of purchase to use. ( These, as superdillhole said and other are for educational and free speech discussion)

2) Given this SANS article, it appears that your device has many more finger prints to what you do online then I suspected ( Interesting )

By just spoofing you MAC, I do not think will do it, given if the chips or other devices are sending out info. Were talking Cash buys and other methods

Articles of reference:
Intel Chip to Send ID Code
Elizabeth Corcoran and Robert O'Harrow Jr., The Washington Post
22 january 1999

February 26, 1999 Groups Ask U.S. to Investigate Intel Chip


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Vapor Zero;

I'll put it on my list for future tutorials. I feel compelled to say now that it depends upon who is looking. If its the NSA, for example, it can be nearly impossible to remain anonymous. If its the FBI, its a bit easier.



The forensics article you cite above, lists fingerprints on the physical machine. Your computer would need to be in the hands of the investigator to read these fingerprints. This has nothing to do with your anonymity traversing the net.

I just began on series on digital forensics that I think you might find interesting as we are covering some of the techniques forensic investigators use to find evidence against hackers.


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