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Hello, i've been wanting to try out sms spoofing with backtrack however I don't seem to find a image, if anyone who has been involved with backtrack before kali was around and knows where it is still available, please let me know.

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I got my backtrack image from here.

It is R5 and not R3 though, so i don't know if you will find it useful.


I will let you know if sms spoof works and if it doesn't it is still nice to have it!
looking forward to your next electricity/electronics article! :D

It should be published somewhere this weekend. The reason it takes so long is because I will be covering a lot in the next article.


Awesome and yeah its understandable and i really like how much actual science you teach at the same time, incredible! I have my fingers crossed for the 20 meter radius emp. Keep it up !

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