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I invite you to take a short break from the serious matter of learning to hack like a pro and enjoy a couple trivialities of my own creation.

You Can Now Pimp Your Hacker System with These New Goodies:

While I'm a neophyte hacker at this point, I'm firstly an artist. So I made this wallpaper for you guys. Despite my moniker, I'm not really a huge Matrix fan, at least beyond the first film, but I have always loved the look of the digital rain code. If you see it show up anywhere else on the internet, you'll know it debuted here on Null-Byte. I didn't want to put a signature on it because I hate the way they compromise images. Besides, It's not like I'm going to use my real name. It can be displayed by Kali users as well as those who are sticking with the earlier BackTrack versions. I think it came out pretty cool.

Here's a second, Kali specific version that includes the slogan.

I'm not sure what happened during the creation process that caused the file sizes to differ so but they both look really good in my opinion. Also they are 1600x900 because that's the display dimensions of my system. It's not too difficult to crop images to whatever size you need.

In case those are too busy for you but you're tired of the blue default Kali wallpaper, I'm also including some color variations of that.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get as good a result with the yellow version because I had to make too many color adjustments which affected the overall quality of the image but if you want it and are fine with it, it's there. I'll try clean it up more when I have the time.

In addition to the wallpapers, I've been working with Austin Sticker Company to create a custom vinyl decal for your laptop, console or even your car. They are available in a wide variety of colors.

Unfortunately I can't make this available for free but it's reasonably priced. If you decide to order one, tell them Neobyte sent you. Please feel free to let me know if you did.

Backtrack Kali Linux Dragon by AustinStickerCompany on Etsy

Backtrack Kali Linux Dragon by AustinStickerCompany on Etsy Vinyl decal of Backtrack Kali Linux Dragon. Customize surfaces such as your laptop, console or car! Size: 6.85 x 8.7 Each decal comes with instructions on how to apply it.

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8 Responses

I hope you enjoy these. If I receive positive feedback, there may be more to come.
Now get back to hacking.


Cool wallpaper. I'm not one for decals; specifically one that let's people know I'm a hacker. But it still looks pretty cool, thanks for these.


You're welcome.

Yeah I thought about that but I think, to the uninitiated, it will look like nothing more than a cool dragon design. And if things ever get to the point where federal agents take an interest in you're activities, it won't be because they saw your computer. It will be because you're a bad hacker who left a digital trail and at that point they're going to seize your system to examine its contents whether its sporting a 'Hello Kitty' decal or none at all. Besides, having BackTrack on your system doesn't automatically mean you're involved in something nefarious ;)


That's true, that's why I don't have them installed on my systems. MicroSD installation for me.

Still cool though.


Pretty cool, I really like them.. thanks Neobyte. Keep it up

I love it all. I'm definitely getting the dragon decal. Thanks Neobyte!

Definitely downloading the purple one :D (I hope that you don't mind if I make changes to it, do you? Don't worry, it's only for personal use unless you allow me to upload it.)

Neo was a good member and enjoy his creations as you wish.

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