Forum Thread: How to Install Backtrack in Hard Drive Dual Boot Installation

Hey guys whats up ? today i am going to teach you the dual boot installation of Backtrack5 Gnome 32 Bit Release 3. Don't get scared by the title its very easy to do. Just follow me and see how we are going to make dual boot installation..

Requirements :-
1. USB Pendrive (must 4GB)

  1. UUI (Universal USB Installer
  2. MINI Partition Tool
  3. Backtrack 5 R3 32 bit(or64bit) gnome ISO backtrack5-r3.iso

Now we have all the tools that we will use.. lemme show you how to do this. Follow me..

Step 1: Download Universal USB Installer.

so you have downloaded that tool , open it and fill it up...

  1. Choose Linux Distribution = Backtrack 5 R3
  2. Select Your BT5R3.iso = Select it
  3. Select your USB drive letter = like A,B,C,D (for me its F:)
  4. Now click on create and wait for it.. it should be taking your 10 minutes... vOiLa ! Successfully Created Backtrack 5R3 bootable USB...

Step 2: Making Partition for Backtrack 5 R3.

Note:- Partition Must be of 30GB!!

so this is just little complicated.. for this you have downloaded Mini Partition Tool , open this and make ext4 formatted partition for Backtrack installation because backtrack needs ext4 format. If you done everything correctly..than you'll be going correctly :).

Step 3: Booting Backtrack from USB Pendrive..

Now , plugin your usb and open BIOS Menu.. Now change the boot device to boot From = USB and you have already plugged in your USB so just simply restart it and you will that Backtrack has been booted successfully.. i use F9 button to enter into Boot menu you can also check it..

Step 4: Final Part Backtrack Installation.

Now we have done everything and all we have to do is to install Backtrack and this is very easy... when your backtrack boots up , just Press enter button and than type username and password.. If you have downloaded new Backtrack than username and password are..

Username = root
Password = toor
you will not be able to see password just type root and toor and press enter.. voila you are in the Backtrack now ;D

Now look the Desktop you will see an icon named Install Backtrack double click on it and follow instruction but when Installation DIR screen appear choose Specify Your Partition Manually and choose your formatted Partition ext4 which was created from MINI Partition Tool ..

Image via

now click on next and let it install the Backtrack it will take 30 minutes wait for it... After installation shut down backtrack and restart your PC. Than you'll see Dual Boot ;) Now you can choose windows or Backtrack ;D Select any one and press enter and you can enjoy any one of them.

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2 Responses

hello.. please help me.. I tried to create usb bootable and once I press to my port for booting its does not showing on the list of booting..

I have windows 10 pro and I want to install backtrack.. please help me friends

how can i download and install drivers for backtrack 5 r3 in my pc pls help someone

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