Forum Thread: Backtrack Dual Boot Error

My friend has tried to dual boot Backtrack 5 r3 (via CD )in his laptop (ASUS X555L,windows 8.1 64bit installed) and stopped here.(pic)

we have googled for help and failed to find answer.please someone help to solve this.(recently he dual booted it kali linux with windows 8.1 and worked fine.)

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You know that Backtrack is discontinued, and why would he still using it since kali is Alot better, Anyways i think it interfered with Windows 8 The best solution would be to give up on BackTrack

Thanks for commenting .Got the same answer from google.

Your welcome, Try using Kali 2.0 or you can use 1.10 (personally i prefer 2.0) you can also check ParrotOS, anyways good luck

Dual booting with windows 8 or newer is proven to be harder since microsoft made changes to how the boot mechanism works and stuffs, Its most likely Windows 8 interfering with the install but you could always try to install on VM to test it

HARSHA: Dual booting OS should have no effect on each other! if you don't mount the second OS partition HDD on the first.

And the onlything to make backtrack stops like dat could be improper software downloded! google search the official website for backtrack and download directly from there! not from torrent, then it also take some seconds at least 40-50 secs to load that stage you screen grab so you can maybe a minute and see what going on, also when you get to that stage you can try clicking any direction on your keyboard, i came across same when i was still using backtrack. finally to avoid all this, go get your kali 1.0.... the 2....can be so complicated and broken cause most hacktools are unnecessarily updated and complicated to run! kali 1. is the best for now.

There are no official downloads of Backtrack as it is discontinued and They fixed kali 2.0

It seem like copy of Blackarch is corrupted and it didn't work with VM.May it is better to try with new copy.Thanks you!

You're always welcome here

I'm sure you've seen lots about it, but a live persistent flash drive is an awesome option, that's what I use when I need to have more than a VM offers.

I know this thread has been solved mostly, good to know that they fixed the 2.0 image i thauht it was me with the autologin feature they had i enabled. I got a hp envy with 8.1 so far only kali runs with dual boot, tried latest debain it works but doesnt dual boot, tried ubuntu it just crashes havnt tried parrot or anything.... overall i recomend a blank os where you have to install all ur features to use but if your still geting thee hang of linux kali is one of your best choices by far.

Am using Kali 2.0 as my main OS and it works like charm, of i have a Windows 7 vm in my Virtual pentest lab that i use sometimes, And so far i hadnt have any problems with kali

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