Forum Thread: Nobody in Null Byte Haven't Binded 2 Apks?

How can we bind our metasploit android payload with another legit apk? About 10 nullbyters are asking this for weeks, maybe months. We couldn't find straightforward guide for that. We somehow need to run our android reverse tcp payload as background service. But we don't know how to do it.

Please don't recommend AndroRAT. We'd like to understand the process.

I study SPF to understand process. However, it doesn't actually bind two apk. It just backdoors a legit apk with pre-prepared services. I need to learn how can we convert our ACTIVITY to a service. Yes, there are some guides to do that. But I'm looking for a spesific guide which someone creates services and binding them with a legit apk. Otherwise, with my beginner coding skills I'm just staring at the guides and don't understand anything. If you did this before, can you send me manifest and smali of your binded apk? So that I can understand the process.

I'm currently learning C and to avoid mixing things up I don't want to deal with learning java as a beginner. Please help me to do this.

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Probably you are not native speaker and you don't understand what I meant. It's the second time you referred that article as "binding apk" It's just making the apk be more convincing like adding icon and changing its name etc. I'm looking for something much more complex than that. I need to combine our metasploit payload with a legit apk like Whatsapp.apk or AVG Antivirus pro apk etc. If there were an article in Null Byte about it I wouldn't say about 10 Null-byters are looking for it would I?

I suggest you to try to better understand your subject.

Learning C language for that wont work. Keep on java and create small applications.

What you will do with your corrupted whatsapp ? upload it on google store ? Did you understand the signature process ?

I'm an engineer student and I need to learn C for this year. I don't want to mix things up with starting to learn java. I'm not going to upload it on googleplay store. I'm going to prank my engineering student friends. Unless they think it's cracked apk they won't install it and get suspicious. It has to look like something illegally cracked so they can download it from forum post etc. Maybe AVG anti-virus PRO cracked apk. I know how to sign apk.

I'm actually called "bart" ;)
But the OP is right, I did not bind 2 apk's, I just made the meterpreter apk look fancy.

OT: I have searched the web all over for this but I don't think there is a tool for it yet. It has something to do with copying smali files and calling them when the app starts, I didn't really understand it since my programming skills are also very limited. I hope you find a way to do it :)

There was something about that on black hat conference. Lecture is called "How to create a SpyPhone". Technique is simple, but you have to know a little bit about programming. So go ahead, read paper or watch vid of that lecture and try to rule them all!

you could try to write a backdoor yourself.


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