Forum Thread: Cloning Bootable Live USB to Partition of Hard Disk

I got a hard disk with two partitions and a live usb bootable (Kali Linux)

What i want to do is clone Live USB (Kali Linux) to one of the partition in hard disk . Which software can i use and what is the procedure?

> Mondu Rescue is not available for Kali Linux
> I've tried clonezilla on Live USB
sudo apt-get install clonezilla
but it does not show any option of the Live USB (It may be because i'm using it? )

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dd is the software and the procedure is based on your setup. Use the man pages and google to help you.

Dd is for cloning hard drive not whole USB and as far as I know copying doesn't not work

I don't see why cloning a usb to a hard drive would not work. All you would need to do is make sure you are booting from a usb and that you have all other drives you are performing the dd on are unmounted.

If you are wanting to keep the "live" aspect of it i'm not sure if that will work.

When Kali first boots up, and you see the screen asking what kind of boot you want to boot into (Live/Persistence/Forensic/etc.), select (I think it was called) Download to Computer

Yes all you need to do is install kali, it's either install or graphical install. Boot from the usb and those will be the first two options. Make sure you don't write over your windows install, so that means pay attention in the partitioning scheme.

What i wanted to do was clone the usb , The problem is solved . I used a software called "ImgUSB" and made .bin file of my usb and then using the same software burned it into my hard drive . ( It burns whole hard disk , so be careful )

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