Forum Thread: Dd and win32 Disk Imager

This maybe completely irrelevant... but I had to ask..
Is there any difference in using dd from kali or win32 disk imager from windows when making a sd card for pi??
Is any one of them better than the other or I am just too mad??

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Please make your questions more precise, what do you want to know exactly?

He wants to know, when you are installing Kali on a Rasperry Pi, is it better to use Win32 Disk Imager or the dd command when creating an image(<--Not sure if correct term.)

Biggest difference is the GUI, they both can image to an SD card. Use Win32 if using windows or use dd if using linux.

I never used win32 but a quick google gave me what I want.

I use them both. Actually Disk Imager is a lot faster than dd. And just have a GUI. Other than that, I saw no differences.

DD takes 5 minutes at the most to image a file to something, not even. It depends on the size, but for most of my operating systems it was quick.

With a 2GB img, it takes about 16min!!! but Disk Imager takes about 2-3min

Definitely can confirm. Dd can be lightning fast IF you give it the right flags. Default flags can take forever to run, but up the BS and you'll be flying along.

As dd is slow.. its more reliable right? Less chance for errors..

When do you start to use google? This is getting really annoying.

Well one is used used on Windows and the other is used on Linux based operating systems.


Biggest difference is speed. Using a 32GB micro SD card reading a img file and writing to the sd card.

Using ubuntu 14.04 ( OS on SSD)
dd got 3MB/sec max using bs of 1M to 32M . The slowdown was in the read of the img file not the write to the sd card

using windows7 (OS on SSD) and win32diskimager got 65MB/sec sustained ( 20 times faster) .

my .02Cents

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