Forum Thread: Problem Making a Live USB of Kali 2.0

I tried making a live usb of kali 2.0 out of my HP v220w usb (32GB) using win32 disk imager and I could'nt run it so I formatted it and now it says that the space on the device is just 3 gb. Please help.

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P.S: I'm a total noob at this.

Do you currently have a Linux distro running?
Can you use a tool like minitool partition wizard, analyze the USB and send us a screenshot?

If you can't fix the problem with regular windows formatting options, there is a tool made by HP called 'HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool'.

To make your live linux key, there is a noobfriendly tool linux live usb creator

Thanks m8 I formatted the key with the tool you mentioned and it worked! :D currently I'm installing kali on it with LiLi.

If you still have access to windows do this:

  1. open command prompt as admin;
  2. type in the cmd (command prompt) "diskpart";
  3. next after you typed that type "list disk";
  4. then when you see wich is the usb type "select disk 1", ATTENTION THE NUMBER I TYPED YOU HAVE TO LOOK OUT TO MAKE SURE YOU SELECTED YOUR USB;
  5. then type "select partition 1"
  6. then type "delete partition"
  7. then at the end just type "create partition primary";

Note: If step 6 fails just type clean, and repeat the process, from 6 again.

After all of this you format usb with the windows explorer.

If you want in video:

Instead of that, windows has a built in "Disk Manager" program that's way easier than this way. I'm not sure if you'll be able to find it in search, otherwise go into control panel and search for "partition"

What happens when creating a live USB with win32DiskManager is that it creates a new partition that is only 3GB(the size of the .iso). It makes this the main partition, so it is the only one you can access through Windows.

i had that to. but i have fixt it tel me if you have still the problem.

and do you have the usb on exfat or ntfs because you cant run it on ntfs , thats why you need to change it and format the usb.

* Who's got the popcorn for this one?*

Alright so, I got the key fixed and turned it into a live one with the tool Triphat mentioned above. Thanks a lot everyone for your suggestions. :)

Very good.
Enjoy your Kali 2.0!
And if you do not enjoy it, just go back to 1.1.0a

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