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So I installed the newest Kali(amd64bit) onto my usb using Rufus (as a DD image), and whenever I go onto Kali live it crashes for me after a minute or two. A black screen appears with the following message: "pcie receiver error". I have heard that this might be to do with Nvidia drivers, but before I'm able to install them, my Linux crashes. Here is some information about my pc:

Asus G20CB
I-7 6700
Nvidia GTX 980

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First thing I try when running into problems with running kali off a USB is to recreate the USB. Try using refus again to recreate the USB image. If it still doesn't work, try re-downloading the Kali ISO, then redo the USB. I have fixed problems by doing this a few times.

Thanks I'll try that. It's weird that Kali works well on other computers for me, but re downloading might fix the issues that I'm having on my pc.

So far everything is working normally. I wasted so many hours trying to fix it in different ways where all I had to do is re download Linux. Thank you very much.

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