Forum Thread: HELP!! Can't Port Forward..tried Everything

I use a dlink dir 600m router.I've tried everything.Port forwarding is needed for metasploit wan attacks.
By the isp does not block port 80. can port 80 be used for metasploit?

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Have you tried contacting your ISP? And whether you can use port 80 depends on what you are going to do with Metasploit, I would personally recommend using a different port.

I scanned my default gate way and found some open ports. port = 2000,8291,21,22 etc. are open. so can i use them?

You can try, but i wouldn't count on it.

but I think we can't use a tcp port for multiple case if they're using those ports

Port 80 is the http port, so its probably in use most of the time. I contacted my ISP and got port 1337 opened, since nothing runs on that.

Use noip service. It bypasses the isp forwarding rules.

Wait really...? Can you explain that a little more in depth? I believe that No-IP only does port 80 and 25 redirects...?

I've tried noip but listener says server failed to bind

Use VPN with port forwarding
Reasons to use it?

  1. It is secure and hides your ass
  2. It is easier to open ports on VPN such as TorGuard

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