Forum Thread: Can I Use Dmz as Alternarive of Port Forwarding?

Hi, I'm newbie in kali linux. I am reading stuff from here to do tasks. But unfortunately I can't forward my ports because my Internet provider close all ports. I am using cable internet in tenda router. I tried to forwards ports to attack WAN but unsuccesful. I know this because I do attack by armitage and it say all ports closed. I got his main Mikrotik ip while scanning on Unicon scan, I tried to telnet to connect but it requires login info I tried basic login but failed. Today I was doing android hacking I successful done it in LAN. Now I wanna test it WAN but I am unable to do it because of port forwarding

My router Tenda
Model: w311r+
So can I use dmz as alternative of port forwarding?
Or tell me some other task to open my port and forward it.

And one thing I thought No-ip have a option to forward port what if I make no-ip dns and put it into router to port forwarding is it work?

Please guys help me.

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A DMZ accepts all incoming traffic and allows all outgoing traffic so you don't have to manually port forward. It's a great alternative expect it's highly advised against because of the security implications.

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