Forum Thread: I Can't Port-Forward on My Router

I want to hack devices outside my network with MSFVENOM payload
but I failed to port-forward
this is a screen shot of my router's interface after I followed the instruction of port forwarding

but everytime i check the port on to see if it's open,it says "Error: I could not see your service on on port (4444) Reason: Connection timed out"

I tried to port-forward on Kali and windows ,I tried other ports too and tried Portforward
Network Utilities software
I always get the same result
what should I do?
help please :(

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Sometimes port forwarding won't work with your router. So you need to get VPN service . A lot of paid VPN has port forwarding service. Just google "vpn with port forwarding" You can try free maybe you'll get lucky

can I use ngrok to port-forward?
if yes how do I use it with MSFVENOM?

When your VPN is running use that IP and port when you set up your msfvenom payload

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