Forum Thread: Is It Possible Brute Force FB Password Recovery?

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hmmmm.. then is it possible to use SMS Divert against get someones password reset code ? will it work? not?

oh . does spoofing sms work with kali in real world(not with Android Emulator )?

In theory if Facebook did not have anything to prevent thousands of tries you could. Also if you had a lot of time because the fastest I have ever gotten Hydra to crack is almost 500 words a second and that was against localhost. As said above by CRACKER|HACKER there are 60,466,176 possible combinations.

It would probably be easier to get their password through a phishing attack that looks like that email.

If you wanna know if it's possible, why not try it against yourself?

I actually would not recommend it, mainly because Facebook could block his IP. Why not try setting up a basic FTP server or something similar and give it a password with the same standards FB uses for this code, then use hydra: Here Just make sure you have Hydra generate the right passwords. :)

Or just use a public VPN...

no problem with IP ,it's dynamic one.

A little alarm just went off in my head.

If you know the phone number that the 6 digit password is being sent to, you can use social engineering to trick the owner of the account into giving you the 6 digit code.


"Crap! Sorry, man. I set the wrong phone number for my Facebook and now I can't access it without my security code. Did it get sent to you?"

No need for infecting someone's phone or searching endless possibilities to brute force the code, human stupidity is the key to hacking!

(I might just write another tutorial).

Perfect idea, Cameron! Very genius indeed!

It's always great to have different minds to think so creatively. I, for one, am more computer-directed than human-directed, so you always intrigue me.

Same the other way around! I am always impressed with your ever growing knowledge of networking and how it works!

Humans and passwords are the two weak points so I agree here, but I would change the conversation wording a little, but the concept is the same.

Something like "I just accidentally typed in the wrong number into Facebook instead of mine, could you just send me it?"

Of course, just make sure you have answers to possible questions like "How did you know I got it?" or "Why should I trust you?"

True. whatever gets the conversation flowing.

I have put some thought into it and I would probably say I meant to type in mine but mistyped, would be best if you had a number similar, or a G voice number similar. I don't know if you can spoof text messages but if you can then do a number 1 digit off from theirs

You can spoof numbers. it's called sms spoofing. It costs some $ but it works!

I'm not really into spoofing like this, but I'm pretty sure the only reason it costs money is because you're using someone else's resources. Perhaps there's a way to do it ourselves?

I honestly don't know how it even works, but I guess if someone really wants to they will pay for it

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