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So I read another article here lately and it was going over understanding why anyone would want to be a hacker. So after this, I started thinking, I have been committing 5-6 hours a day on learning hacking stuff but seem to be learning nothing. Then it came to me I needed to learn 2 things first. These two things would help me see my path to becoming a hacker.

First thing first and I won't go into too much about this as there are tons of articles on the internet that cover this. Why do I want to be a hacker? To be honest, at first, it was Hollywood. I wanted to hack because it looked cool on tv and I mean who doesn't want that type of power at their fingertips. The ability to hack an ATM or spy on your neighbors and the list goes on but let us be honest most of the things you see in movies are illegal and I doubt many or you would look good in orange. This whole time I'm researching and still waiting for an answer to the question of why I want to be a hacker. Why am i spending time on this? Then it clicked I knew why but first I had to learn something else.

The second issue would lead to my understanding of why I wanted to be a hacker in the first place which will allow me to even further my knowledge and have a better understanding of why I want to Hack. I started hacking 6 months ago id say and it has not been easy, but hey what fun is easy. I have been reading books, watching videos, reading articles on Nullbyte and using my laptop for hands on learning. Even spending hours a day doing this and handling my own life I felt like I was wasting my time. It wasn't until the last 2 weeks that I started to realize I had way more progress than I thought.

I was with a friend while he was getting tattooed and the artist had issues with her phone and her card payment reader. She started asking questions and I started replying feeling confident in my answers knowing that if I came across something I didn't know I wouldn't fake it and come up with something. Like any real hacker should, I looked it up and started researching to help resolve the issue. The following week I had someone ask me to go over their PC and see if I could see any vulnerabilities. I showed up with my EDC bag and had all my tools and started to pick away at anything I have learned that might be a way for someone to get into their PC. I checked their phone, tablets router and whatever else. While doing this I explained many of the ways I have learned about to get into someone's life without their knowledge. This made them uneasy at first but I assured them that with being aware they could start being more careful. That I'm sure gave them some comfort knowing they can start taking control of their lives. Are they 100% safe? No, no one is 100% safe but if you're not pissing off the wrong people and being a douche you're likely not going to get hacked just be careful.

It was after all this that I started to notice I knew more than I thought I was to the point that I could start helping people even if it was only at a basic level. Was I running full-scale pen test? God no but I was helping and that was good enough for me. I was using all that knowledge I had learned in the past months to make a difference in others lives. I was applying my knowledge. This lead to me answering the other question. Why do I want to be a hacker? Let's be honest Hollywoods version of hacking was unrealistic and I felt silly for that being why I wanted to do this and would likely be called out by the real hackers. It was in those two weeks that I decided. I wanted to be a hacker to help others. Not everyone is going to be good at PC stuff and it falls on us the ones that can learn and understand to use our power and knowledge to help those around us.

Now here I am writing my first article, something I never thought I would be doing let alone on one of my favorite websites. I honestly can't wait to write more hoping I can appeal to the newbies here and help them find a path of their own. I hope this story has or will help you on your way to becoming a hacker or even reminding yourself why you hack in the first place.

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This is great. Keep it up.

Thanks for writing this!

Thank you more to come hopefully!

Thank you for posting this. I am very (very) new, too, and I don't even know where to start. I became interested because I read an article (and then read a few more) that said that the need for white hat hackers is critically high. We need more good guys to sniff out the bad guys. I have a basic knowledge of how to use Tor, where to find bad stuff, but I really want to know how to stop bad guys operating in the dark web because people and animals are suffering for the love of bitcoin, and someone has to be out there trying to help and protect the innocent. I am so glad I found this website, and so glad I read your post because it means I am not alone, too old, or too naive to get started. I hope you will write more :-)

@GPV Angina, You're welcome! Getting started is one of the hardest parts of becoming a hacker. I recommended some of the great articles here as well as your normal google searches etc. A few places id suggest are:

CompTIA A + website has a flow chart of certificates someone might want for becoming a pen tester. This may be the route for you if your more someone who likes book learning.

FreeCodeCamp has some great places to start if you want to start with learning basic code then moving over into coding for hacking.

My favorite method, which I'm following myself is to have a goal, know why you want to hack and start going from there. I knew I wanted to do Pen-testing so I started reading on what it takes to become one. After which I actually have been using a guide I made myself based on the White hat Certificate study guide located here on NullByte.

I made a guide for me based off what was recommended in this study guide. After I started i started having questions on how to do other things. I would stop research what I wanted to learn( how to make a new user for my Linux, how to set up Linux on my laptop, how to run router sploit) then id apply the knowledge to my notes and move on following the guide anytime I got a little too side tracked.

I hope some of these methods work for you. Sorry if the reply seems a little half minded as I'm just waking up and have a full day ahead of me. If you have any more questions please ask id be happy to help as best I can and if I don't know the answer we can look it up together!

Hacking is the perfect career for those geniuses who are good at problem solving. CEH Certified professionals are in great demand. From anonymous to fake news to data breaches, the bad guys are doing the job from annoying (spam) to the destructive (access personal data).

According to the EC-Council, the ethical hacking definition is "an individual who is usually employed with an organization and who can be trusted to undertake an attempt to penetrate networks and/or computer systems using the same methods and techniques as a malicious hacker."

Anything and everything can be hacked. The list is big home wifi routers, residential security alarm systems or security cameras, entire cities, self driving cars, regular cars, your front door, kid tracking devices, etc. The proves that the scope for the hacking techniques will only increase in future.

Why is this career in demand? The bad guys will always be there trying to find cracks, secret ways to access sensible data. They replicate a malicious hacker at work and seek counter measures for system's defenses.

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