Forum Thread: Unstable meterpreter session with Android!!!

This is about my unstable meterpreter session which always stops after 2-3 seconds and I'm using ngrok for port forwarding. For windows it's working fine but android session dies quickly. Can someone help me out?

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Which payload did you generated cause the problem is with tcp connection try using https it works fine for me

I used https......but while setting handler should i mention reverse tcp or reverse http there?
I used http in payload and reversetcp in handler still session lasts for few seconds.

Heyy could you tell me how reverse_https works I never used it and im stock on it ?

Upgrade metasploit, and use the following command after the meterpreter session:

  • wakelock

Anon User is right but it would be better if you used same connection (i.e.https) on both handler and payload

Thankssssss to all of u..... I solved my problem and got successful reverse connection over WAN.. Just upgraded Kali to #rolling ????????

@N1LS Hey pal I am having the same problem. I am using ngrok to port forward. Plus I am using reverse tcp in both listener and payload but still session dies after 2 or 3 seconds. Anybody please tell me the solution.

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