Forum Thread: If I Installed Metasploit on a Computer Not on the Same Wifi How Do I Get Their Ip Address?

I have installed metasploit on a victims computer that is not connected to internet but how do I get their ip? Do I need his ip to enable webcam or something on Metasploit? I know I need it for Armitage.

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seriously dude...if u have already have access to the victim's laptop ...why do u want to hack it ..u have it in your hands

and let us assume u want to hack it ..why did u install the metasploit framewrk onn hix computer...who is going to attack the other mate ????

all u have to do is to install the metasploit to ur computer ( u r the attacker not him ) then generate a payload and send it to the victim ...u can also have the ip useing the nmap tool

hope that answers ur Q

Do I need my metasploit (or computer) running when i install the payload on their computer?

Hey there...

Metasploit is a framework of tools that can be used to exploit vulnerabilities in a system. Armitage is more or less a gui of metasploit. Neither of them are exploits or payloads themselves, but a means of finding, creating, and interacting with one.

As mentioned by mohammad, you could use metasploit to generate a payload to exploit a specific vulnerability in an OS and install that on the targets system. This would most likely require you to know your public ip address if your not on the targets LAN so the payload knows what system it should be relaying data to.

If you want to know your public ip or someone elses and have access to the machine, you can simply punch into google "whatsmyip" and it will tell you. Without access to the system or network the only thing i can suggest is social engineering.

Do I need my metasploit (or computer) running when i install the payload on their computer?

Not necessarily.. you should be able to start the listener whenever you want as long as the payload is installed and running.

is it always going to be running?

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