Forum Thread: I Need a New PC for Hacking (Tips?)

i want to buy a new pc (or maybe assemble one) i need some tips for what there needs to be and what isnt necessary, like CPU etc. And im really into hacking so...

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My tip. Don't do that.

The OS will function perfectly fine as a persistent USB. I advise against buying a new computer for the express purpose of hacking unless you do some significant stuff with hacking and in that case, you wouldn't really be asking that question.


If you're a real pentester that is paid, get a nifty thinkpad for some mobility and make sure you have enough hard drive storage to hold your programs.

If you are just a hobbyist that thinks they need some super secret computer for their alter ego -- you don't.

and for a portable, is Apple better?

processor- i7, RAM -8GB, HDD -750GB/ 1TB ...This configuration is must

Since, Kali (and I'm sure many other pentest OS's) run via liveboot, computer doesn't matter. Since you can just "plug n play" with any computer (given that the computer can dual-boot, and/or has a usb port, and hopefully that computer in question isn't a potato.

If you are trying to get a computer for a hacking lab, don't buy one, just create VMs and test that way. If you don't want to run VMs and want a computer dedicated for just hacking, you could either use an old computer if you have one lying around (which i recommend) or just buy an old thinkpad off of eBay for like $100-150. But don't buy a new computer just for hacking because you can hack on anything really.

PCs , thats not a good idea for being a pro hacker .You really need to hide your traces and remain anonymous n mobile as well .Hackers generally go for war-driving , war-chalking n all for which mobile tools are needed i.e be it a laptop or tab .

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