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I've been trying to hack my own pcs and android.. I was able to hack my pc using online videos and converting exe to jpg. But i can't apply that method for android. I hacked my own phone through a payload apk, but i need the payload in an image. Can anyone help me out?

PS:only for educational purposes, i only hack my devices

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Not really possible. Your method of getting an exe to a jpg isn't actually true either. The exe is what executes the code. I assume you kept the file in exe but made a jpg execute at the same time as your malicious code. A jpg file cannot execute code on Windows. On Android an Apk file is what executes code. You could keep the file in Apk and code it to execute malicious code and make the app display an image upon the Apk being installed.

Its also possible, not probable, to find an exploitable vulnerability in an app that can open a jpg (or Android itself) that can run malicious code when opening a jpg within that app or Android itself. Look at the stagefright exploit as an example. Stagefright could exploit a vulnerability in Android that could execute a malicious mp4 file.

It sure as hell is possible to embed code in exe. There are a lot of videos on youtube, we can use archives to open a jpg and run the code in the background.. It worked.. Give it a try????

Please provide a link to an actual tutorial that does what you are describing.

Does this work only on windows or does it work on android too??

Yeah. I've done that tutorial before. The end result is still an exe. Not a jpg. You are not converting an exe to jpg, but instead embedding a jpg into an exe.

Can you advise me to upload this explanation on the file upload site to take advantage of this explanation because YouTube has banned this video

How can i embed an android payload(apk) to an image(.jpg/.png)...and hwo to exploit?please answer??

Please Reply I am Needing This Its Very Important

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