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I need help to hack a school pc. They block everyhting (cmd, apps from usb, bat files,bios). All I want to do is gain admin access. I need to get admin access for a reason I can't tell. But if any one has an idea on how to do this, it woulod be great. I kind of figured a way but I don't think it would work. Get linux on a USB, Boot PC press the specfic button (I forgot the button) and chose linux. I really don't think it would work tough. Any ideas? By the way, they use PC's called RM one and RM one eco.

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Also I know the admin's username (Its Administrator)

This forum is not for illegal hacking. What you want is illegal. I'd advise you to go somewhere else.

Im not illegal hacking I just want to see how to PC's on the newtwork work but I can't unless I have admin.

It is illegal to do any hacking on a system you do not have permission to do it on. That's what you are doing, thus it's illegal.

have they disabled the task manager??

Does the admin ever use this device?

You could make a .exe file that creates another admin account if ran by the admin. If it were at .bat file you made, put this code in it:

net user /add (user) (pass)
net localgroup administrators (user) /add
And then you'll have a new admin with the username of (user) and the password of (pass)!

have they disabled the task manager??

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