Forum Thread: Raspberry Accessories

So im gonna buy a raspberry pi 2 model b
So I know that the power supply is 5v 2a.. so

  1. Ive seen that that the fan or other things are 12v.. so they wont work??
  2. If not.. then how many 5v accessories can I plug in??

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3 Responses

The 12v fans run at 5v will spin alot slower then if fully powered at 12v.

I don't own a pi but would assume you can use a 12v power supply as long as it has the amperage to support it. I may be wrong though.

I use pc fans/led lights/etc I have spliced directly to 12v random power supplies with 0 issues for various projects. You just need to do some reading I guess.

I have a large duffle bag full of power supplies and cordage collected over time. You can pick up power supplies from a thrift store for a 1$

I have the same, although mine is a box full of them. :D

But wont using a 12v power supply spark the board??

And question 2??

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