Forum Thread: [HELP] [Noob] Kali Linux Crash on Raspberry Pi 3

I just started into hacking, and i have a virtualbox with kali, but i wanted to have it on my raspberry as well. I downloaded the image and wrote it on a 16gb class 10 micro-sd. on my raspberry i did with wired connection an update, installed gparted to recover lost partitions on my micro-sd and i did an update. Every time i use de wireless connection on my raspberry after 10 seconds it freeze's and i can't do anything. So i need to pull the charger out of the socket. If i dont connect to the internet or if i use wired connections there's no problem. can anyone help me out?

ps: sorry for my bad English

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Maybe there was an incorrect shutdown or something leading to a corrupted drive. Try to re-write the image to the microsd card.

I did this about 4 times now, i think it is my wifi card that is in builded. On i saw that this OS doesn't accept a specific wifi card. I probably had the bad luck to get it. i bought a wireless wifi usb adapter from ebay hope it works now.....

thanks for trying :D

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