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StrawTarget is a multifunctional selenium program that perfectly shows the issues with weak validation webpages. StrawPoll was designed to showcase all of these examples in an easy to follow educational way. It uses sel

StrawTarget uses the Selenium API to log in with separate IP's using a proxy list which is used as a means of bypassing the duplicate IP's issue with strawpoll. Straw Target also opens up as incognito mode as to not store cookies as an additional safety measure.

The Code? So how does it all work, well all source code is posed under the githubgithub. But here are some snippets of the code which I will explain for this demonstration.

def strawpoll():
PROXY = randomline("proxies.txt") #Takes a random proxy from a text file.
options.add_argument('--proxy-server=%s' % PROXY) #Logs in with this randomized proxy.
driver = webdriver.Chrome("chromedriver.exe", options=options) #starts the chromedriver
driver.findelementby_id(opit).click() #Clicks user vote option
sumbitbutton = driver.findelement(By.XPATH, '//buttontext()="Vote"') #Telling it to click the vote button.

wait = WebDriverWait(driver, delay).until(EC.presenceofelement_located((By.ID, 'vote-count'))) #Waits untill next page is fully loaded so that way it does not quit out to quickly.

print("Vote added")
driver.quit() #Quits

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