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Hello guys, i just started to learn python(i made the codecademy course and now i am doing a free beginners python course from udemy) and i was wondering how can i made exploits using python.

As i understood python is most used for web development(django) and mostly server side but you can make games with pygames.What else is python good at?

Also after i master python what else should i learn on my path of becoming a hacker?(already read The Essential Skills to Becoming a Master Hacker).

Sorry for so noobie questions but i am a beginner.Thank you so much! :)

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If you get really good with it, you can use it for almost anything. The only thing that limits Pythons ability is the creativity of the developer.


i would recommend you to see the "python for pentesters" videos of free course) to become a hacker..also i would highly recommend you to study the blackhat python, greyhat python & violent python book...(all these 3 books are available freely on the internet)..this is my learning python and all those mentioned things are very useful for me...

you don't learn python "to become a hacker" a hacker is just someone that knows a lot about how things work and can exploit that for unintended purposes. python as a language would just be the means by which you script or automate the exploit. the books recommended above are good reads but you shouldnt be reading python specific security books. you should be reading security/hacking books then try to apply what you learn with python.

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