Forum Thread: How to Be Completely Anonymous ? Is This Possible ......?

hey guys,

well ive been researching for a while on staying anonymous while conducting my on line activities.
im currently using a vpn, tor and proxyservers/proxychains.
is there any other steps i could add to this to increase my chances of being untraceable ?

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You can never be truly anonymous on the internet, because the internet was never made to be truly anonymous. All you can do is make it harder to be traced, but you can never make it impossible.

As for if what you are doing is enough: It all depends from who you are trying to hide. If you want to block commercial tracking and sniffing, TOR and/or a VPN will suffice, but it won't protect you from the NSA.

If you are trying to conceal yourself from the US/EU government, I'd pick a TOR exit node/proxy in Russia, because both the US and EU have no jurisdiction there. (Maybe some European countries do, but I'm not certain).

Hope I helped.


"Maybe some European countries do, but I'm not certain"
Rusia will not give any information about company or people but if some
one from Rusia will do will be arrest by FSB ex KGB.

Good to know.


excellent response phoenix,

You're welcome.


Online anonymity starts long before connecting to the internet. Have you bought a laptop for cash? Did you buy it from a store far enough away from where you live that the staff will not recognise you? Did you drive to the store in your own vehicle (a big no-no)? Did you wait an appropriate amount of time before even turning it on so that any CCTV footage of your travel to the store and subsequent purchase will have been wiped? Are you installing your own OS on it prior to carrying out any hacking activities? If so, from which computer and AP did you download it? Can this be traced back to you?

If you consider the points above you may now own a hacking platform that cannot be directly linked to yourself. Now you just need to consider DNS leaks, MAC spoofing and suchlike.

In terms of adding steps to your current setup I would suggest locating coffee shops that offer free wi-fi and have a load of WPS enabled APs within range. That way you can hopefully find some that are vulnerable to the Pixie-Dust attack and add another layer between you and your AP, although you'd probably need to consider some basic changes to your appearance to ensure that if your activities are traced back to the coffee-shop you cannot be too easily recognised.

Clearly there are other ways to go about linking you to the coffee-shop; taking your own mobile phone with you could clearly place your location and the time you spent there.

I would respectfully disagree with Phoenix when they say that you can never be truly anonymous on the internet. However, true anonymity is incredibly time consuming and expensive.

The truth always finds a way. It just may take a few million years. But eventually, someone will trace it back to you.

If you are lucky, you might've made it so hard to be traced that no one would've successfully traced you before humanity goes extinct. But if humanity lives on, you'll eventually be discovered.

You are right on all the rest though.


There are some ways to stay anonymous like using proxies ,using vpn and using tor but if you are doing any illegal activity against government or any big company they can track back you even if you are using 10 proxies due to their power and money.

There are even some cases in which tor users got tracked back by government .

thanks for the responses guy sum good info there ;)

i new that its nearly impossible to really remain anon on the web. with the resources the government have it would only be a matter of time to youre found ? so anyway spoof mac/ip use vpn , proxychain to country outside of local jurisdiction then through the tor network would be about as simple and safe as i could be providing i had good ospec !

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