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i am a newbie and i need a step by step explanation to use Kali

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hmm, there isnt such thing :P
go and start from linux basics

Hi and welcome. As D3ATHR3 pointed out you will not find a step by step guide on how to use Kali.

Kali is a distro(a flavor of linux) based on Debian intended for penetration testing. Being linux, the best thing you can do to get a grasp of how a linux sistem works is to go and leaf through this great series by OTW:

Hope this helps.
Have a nice morning/afternoon/evening/ whatever...

  • Download VirtualBox
  • Download Kali Linux
  • Look up a tutorial on here for installing Kali
  • Once you are on Kali, follow a null byte guide on Linux basics.
  • Then start off by finding tutorials about Tor, VPNs, and anonymity.
  • Then onto Recon and Forensics in Kali
  • Then more advanced topics

I think you should try some more research.. Figure out what exactly you want to do, and understand that process.. Learn what you need to learn. If you just learn how to use Kali, it wont be enough. Take some time and read. Read networking books, programming, security. Get a better overall understanding of Linux, than once you do that, look into some specific tools to try to master (MetaSploit, HashCat, Nmap,). It'll make understanding hacking much easier, and if you get good enough at programming, you wont need an OS, you can make your own tools.

Sorry, thought i read how to install.

Books you should take a look at...

Mastering Kali Linux for Advanced Penetration Testing
Basic Security Testing with Kali Linux
Metasploitable The Pen-Tester's Guide
Penetration Testing A Hands-on Introduction to Hacking

Just use your mouse and keyboard

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