Forum Thread: Kali Aptitude Compromised?

I'm going to start by saying im not just a kali noob but a linux noob. I'm tryin to learn the OS while at the same time learning netpen.

With that said I'm fairly positive my system has been compromised and I'm trying to actually fix,secure and maintain my OS without reinstalling(the easy way out). Anyways I just ran and noticed some strange packages being installed.

sudo apt-get upgrade

and noticed some strange packages being installed. Here is output from apt-get upgrade.

Get:398 kali-rolling/non-free amd64 wpscan all 3.7.2-0kali1 57.1 kB
Get:378 kali-rolling/main amd64 rake all 12.3.3-1 67.3 kB
Get:381 kali-rolling/main amd64 sleuthkit amd64 4.6.7-1 261 kB
Get:350 kali-rolling/main amd64 publicsuffix all 20190925.1705-1 115 kB

Get:277 kali-rolling/main amd64 libjs-source-map all 0.7.0++dfsg2+really.0.6.1-4 89.4 kB

Get:3 kali-rolling/main amd64 locales-all amd64 2.29-1 10.8 MB

I dont recall any package ever saying "all" I'm assuming it's referring to "all" as in the entire package" but still that doesn't make much sense to my noob knowledge.
All helpful input is appreciated. Thanks.

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