Forum Thread: About Being 99.9% Anonymous

Hello, people... While i was cleaning up my virtual existence in the search for maximum anonimity, i noticed that many services such as Google, or even a simple apache2 server log file are able to, through some kind of fingerprinting, guess my device's OS and browser used.

Using only TOR to browse the darknet is also no longer a valid option, proxychains (if not used with a paid server) either depends on the latter or on someone's suspiciously free proxy server, and as a Whonix gateway is not a reality for people using Kali as their main OS (hard drive installation), such as me, these questions have arisen:

How do you, people who actually understand how things work, stay anonymous?

What are the main measures you take while hacking, probing a server, or simply browsing with true privacy?

What are and how to eliminate the leaks leading to OS fingerprinting (or how to spoof this data, if possible)?

How to actually browse the darknet safely?

No need to directly answer the questions, this is only a start point for the discussion.
Thanks in advance, i think this will be a great topic.

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