Forum Thread: How to Create a Anonymous Payload

lets say i am creating a revese_tcp payload in msfvenum how can i create the payload without puting in the LHOST my own ip and still be able to connnect to the payload?

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You will need to use Reverse-tcp-dns and then use a domain name service like No IP. Also, you can create a payload in Metasploit itself. I find that it works well. I'll post my tutorial later.

no ip will give out your ip if u have done something illegal ?

You shouldn't be doing anything illegal. This is a White-Hat site.

And I do believe they probably would give up your information if you do choose to do something illegal with it. I believe there are ways around it though, like using proxys or vpns but I am not sure how at the moment.

I believe TypoGuy made a Tut on that.

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