Forum Thread: I Am Trying to Erase Windows 8.1pro Off My Computer

I have an ISO image of windows 7 on cd. When I go to the win 8.1 recovery option and click "erase computer" back to factory settings yada yada. It starts to do it but then says "missing files please insert start up disk". Well I don't have a start up disk. Is there anyway I can get this damn windows 8.1 off my computer?

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Delete the partition it is on.

If I do that can I install windows 7 ISO? I'm not familiar with this. But I will research how to delete partition. I just want to know if I can install windows 7 with an ISO after deleting partition. Also I've heard of running "duel boot" with windows and Kali. I'm assuming that would mean 2 partitions. This computer will be my "victim computer/ Kali computer". I also have a Mac book pro.

Here's what I THINK I want to do. Run both windows 7 and Kali Linux on my desktop. And leave my mac book strictly mac. What is the BEST WAY TO DO THAT?

Then just format the drive and then install Win 7 first.

Oh Jesus lord man.

Ok. So first. I want to delete the partition with windows 8.1pro

  1. I "format the drive" I install windows 7 off of my ISO cd.
  2. Then instal Kali?

no sweat. brushes dirt off his collar. Proceeds to sit in computer chair. Said chair slips out from ass. I fall

Ok. Thank you. One day ima be writing how too'sson here.

Just put win 7 bootable cd/dvd and boot from it start installation process when u reach partition description window just format that partition in which u already installed win8. That's it continue installing process of win 7. :)

to boot from usb/cd/etc. in windows 8 and 10, you have to go to settings, recovery and then advanced start. It will restart your computer and boot up in advanced mode, where you can then choose to boot from cd. Now you should get the chance to install, and choose which partition you want to install on.

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