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I've tried deleting it the "proper way". Through system recovery. Every time it says "some require files missing. Please insert disk". Well I don't have the disk. I can find no other way to delete windows off my computer. This 8.1 is an absolute joke. I have to get it off my computer. Any other options? Someone suggested deleteing the partition but I cannot find any online tutorials on how to do that as I am not an expert.

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Did you try just formatting the hard drive?

If and that is a BIG if. I can format the drive. Would I be able to install windows 7 from an ISO cd?

Yes, but you will lose all your data.

Here is a tutorial on how to delete a partition. Make sure that you have allowed your computer to boot from CD or USB

I'm totally fine losing all data. Intact that is what I want. Jasper. How do I allow my computer to boot from cd!

Go into BIOS and under security, allow boot from other media.


I've tried every tutorial on the net. None so far have worked to enter 8.1 bios

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