Forum Thread: Armitage Not Working Right.

So I want to hack into my windows 7 computer so I scan my network using the nmap built into armitage. It will scan the network and in the targets window it will have a couple things like my router but it won't come up with the computer I want to come up what am I doing wrong? Thanks!

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Well...let's start with you are using Armitage in Windows 7. Use Kali.

Oh sorry I worded that wrong I have kali on a separate computer and Im trying to scan for the windows computer.

hi bro scan like this

yourlocalip./24 will scan all devices connected to your router do it with msf scan and nmap scan on armitage. then use hail marry attack

Ok thanks bro I'm gonna try it and see if it works.

I've been having the same problem too,at first artimage wouldn't open at all but I just reinstalled and replaced the older, now once I open armitage it shows nothing, no pc's or anything, than I though oh it could be because in on a wired connection, I than disconnected and connected to my neighbors and still! No computers or anything just black, I'm using Kali 2.0

Let me get this right, you're trying to hack your neighbors?

No lol, I just connected to their internet to test out to see if any will show up but none did, (their wifi is open btw)

maybe it was fake wifi =))
any way about armitage not open up it was cuz of you didnt update your kali with this ...
apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade

Yeah kali had a bug with armitage not working and you had to reinstall it manually, it should work now

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