Forum Thread: Kali Linux 32 Bit System Installation Fail.

can anybody help me.i am trying to install kali linux for like 5 days thats all im getting. im installing kali linux 32 bit on oracle virtual box.when i try to install it everything goes fine untill wen its installing the system it loads all tha way to 80% then it just says system installation fail then when i retry it dosent eaven load 1 %. did i set up th virtual machine wrong? my computer is a recently formated windows xp to windows 7 home premium . it had only like .5 gb of ram but i added 1gb so it has 1.5 gb of ram. what do i do to install it..please if u can step by step (y) or video. i was following the steps off this video >>>> <<<<<

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If you could list the exact operations you do, since creating the virtual machine on the menu to booting it, it's probably going to be easier for us to help you.

Your information is too vague, please write down step-by-step exactly what you're doing and we'll be able to help you.


i basically did everythig as done on the video i mentione.
also im using a tp-link usb wifi receiver ,,idk if using that for internet matters .

I've just noticed that in "outcome" it says 64 bit.

When I install kali Linux on my Virtualbox, instead of Linux 2.6 64 bit (which is totally wrong if you are using a 32 bit installation) I choose Debian 32 bit.

It might not be the problem, but surely one of its main causes.

Although the VM seems to boot anyway, I remember having a similar issue.
Also, 20 GB are very big, you can go with 15.

I have another version of Virtualbox, in which I point it to the Kali Linux ISO when I start the machine, but I think it doesn't matter.

If you really can't solve the problem, to see if the ISO is not compromised and everything works, instead of "Install", click on "Live". It boots "on the fly" and doesn't save anything of what you do, nor installed programs or modified files (also, I generally use this mode because it't always ready and clean, while I save all my things on a USB key).

let me know if this solves your problem.

i ended up giving it 512mb of ram and 15gbofstorage and then i got it to install. thx for the advice.

but, i have antother problem trying to get a wpa2 wifis password using kali linux but when i type airomong-ng won0 it says no such device found.

i have a tp-link wn722n usb wifi adapter, when i accses the internet on kali it works and i can search as on chrome. what do i have to do so it shows up and i can proceed with the steps.

this is the link to the steps i was following.

»» ««
sorry if my questions are kinda stupid but its because im new to linux and this site.

If you can't get your wireless card to work; first ensure that the chipset is compatible with aircrack.

Next is to make sure that the device is mounted correctly as Ciuffy outlined.

And again as Ciuffy mentioned, there is no "airomong-ng won0" command. The command you're wanting to type is "airmon-ng start wlan0" (this is the command in BackTrack, I'm not sure if they've changed it since then but if you're finding that you're still having issues after following Ciuffy's command line, try this one out); that will set your wireless card to monitor mode and give your card a name which is "mon0".


"No such device found" means that you probably didn't mount the wireless adapter correctly.
The issue can be about the wireless adapter or the name that is given to it.

Be sure that when you "airmon-ng start interface" the interface is the one managed by your wireless adapter. You can easily make sure of that with the "iwconfig" command.

Also, it seems like "airmong-ng won0" does absolutely nothing. I don't know if it was because you were in a hurry or that's the actual command.

The sequence of commands is:
airmon-ng start wirelessadapterinterface
this creates a new interface, "mon0" (not won0, but I got this) then
airodump-ng mon0
notice: the first is airMON-NG, the second airODUMP-ng.

If you did everything correct but didn't solve, could you post the output of every command?

the process for install kali is very easy process and only needs proper guidence and some small time. a small mistake can harm your laptop. you can follow this video. video made in may 2015 so there are less chances of error and tested on windows platform. please go to

I have a problem of detect and mounting cd rom failed help me

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