Forum Thread: Armitage Can't Show "Attack" Menu in Host

I have kali linux, and i'm learning armitage.
I follow the steps, i add a host and i scan a host with nmap.
But when i make
Attack > find attacks
The attack menu simply does not appear.
Help me please.

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Same here, tried purging and reinstalling but it didn't work

Go to the options, find and select Armitage>Set exploit rank>poor

I am having the same issue, dont actually see the exact option above but i did change what appeared to be it in my version and it is still not showing, and also seeming to come back VERY quickly saying it was done finding attacks .. any other thoughts would be very appreciated

i facing the issue now , please help

I would suggest learning how to use the original command line tools before using GUI'S such as armitage, if you only learn how to use GUI tools you will end up as a script kiddie forever. If however you already know how to use the command line tools I would suggest updating the framework that should fix your issues.

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