Forum Thread: How to Hack an iPhone with Armitage

Step 1: Correctly Installed Kali Linux.

Kali Linux has to be correctly installed and on its newest Version.

Step 2: Same Network

The iPhone that you will be going to hack has to be on the same network as you.

Step 3: Open Armitage

To start armitage just put in "armitage" in the command prompt and hit enter.
A Login Dialog will show up and without changing anything press Connect.
Another Dialog will show up and you just press "YES".

For Kali Live Users:
Before executing the command above you have to execute two commands in the command prompt:
msfdb init
service postgresql start

Step 4: Find Out Ip Address

When everything is finished loading, press the Hosts button and Add Host.
In this Text Window you put in the Ip Address of the iPhone.
If you don´t know the Ip-Address you can scan the network with nmap or zmap.

Step 5: Start the Exploit

Note: This exploit only works on jailbroken iPhones.
Go to Section exploit > apple_ios > ssh
Click on cydiadefaultssh
In the RHOST Section you put in the Ip-Address of the iPhone.

Step 6: We Are In!

When everything worked fine you should be in a command prompt and from now on you have full controll over the iPhone. PS.: It´s a Bash Terminal.

If you don´t know the basic commands in Bash just watch a YT Tutorial.

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You forgot to mention, this can only work with a jailbroken iphone.

Why don't you make a good tutorial showing things rather than just telling us to watch a YouTube video?

He's not gonna teach you bash in a iPhone exploit tutorial. You just sound like a script kidding saying that. Go learn bash for yourself, don't expect a full lesson in a short tutorial such as this one.

is it working on all version ? must be jailbroken ?

Yes, the iPhone must be Jailbroken

What are the Possible way to get into Android when target and attacker is on same wifi.

how i can know if the ip is an iphone or no ?

you can use nmap tool to check your targets OS .

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