Forum Thread: Bit Rate of Alfa R36

I need to connect to a remote public wifi AP.
I'm using a AWUS036NHR as a wireless interface.
It is connected in the USB port of a R36 router/gateway.
The R36 connects to the remote AP and retransmit on it's own wlan (on a different channel).
The AWUS036NHR is connected to a panel antenna.
And it works!
Except for the throughput.
On the it's Web status page, the R36 tell me that the bit rate with the remote is 150MBps.
iwconfig also state that the bit rate is 150Mbps. That's way too high.
ifconfig tells me that many packets are dropped (approx 50%).
I tried to reduce bit rate with:

  • iwconfig wlan0 rate 11M fixed
  • iwconfig wlan0 rate 11M auto
  • and various other attempts

No effect, it seems R36 cannot be told to change rate.
My question #1 is: how can I tell the R36 to reduce the bit rate?
My question #2 is: if I have to change a configuration file on R36, how do I save it in Flash memory?

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