Forum Thread: Enable USB3.0 for Alfa AWUS036ACH

Hi. Can't get my Alfa AWUS036ACH working in my USB3.0 port. OS is ParrotSec 3.1. I have Googled the hell out of this one and tried a few solutions offered but nothing has worked.

If I plug the adaptor into one of my USB2.0 ports it's all sweet so this is definitely a USB3.0/Linux related issue.

From what I have been able to cobble together:

lsusb shows I do have a USB3.0 port listed
lspci shows I do have a USB3.0 driver listed

I have updated the Realtek RTL8187 drivers too

This cannot be the first time this issue has arisen so if someone has a solution they can outline that is clear, concise and most importantly WORKS I imagine it would be a great resource to have available.


James St Clair

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