Forum Thread: Chromebook Kali Linux Credential Harvester HELP

I just recently installed Kali Linux onto my Acer c720 Chromebook. Everything works fine except that when I run credential harvester everything seems to run fine, but when I try to connect to the cloned website that I set up with the Chromebook on my other computer to test that its working, I get a connection error!

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Not an expert, just troubleshooting.
Are you in the same LAN?
Is the Metasploit's output ok?
Is Kali running as Virtual Machine or Live Boot or what?
There are plenty of reasons why this is not working, could you please be more accurate?

I'm using crouton. Its kinda like a virtual machine. I am using my LAN

So, the only thing I can think about is that the wi-fi doesn't work.

Open the top right tab referring to the wi-fi connection (that as far as I know in virtual machines is simulated as ethernet), and tell us what you see.

Also post the output of ifconfig and iwconfig.

The WiFi does work. I can use credential harvester on my desktop and it works. Just doesn't work on my Chromebook. I'll show you what happens when I do ifconfig and iwconfig

I still can figure out why its not working


You have one wireless adapter. Only one machine can use it at a time. If you can't ping between these two systems, then it won't work. Set up a virtual machine.


Crouton is not virtualization system. It simply allows you to switch between OS's. Although I have never used crouton, I believe that you can not communicate between the two machines. One or the other is running, not both.

I can play a video in chromeOS and switch to Kali and can hear the video still. Sooooooo

Can you ping from one IP address to another?

Hey TEYODEGUZMAN, could you explain to me how to install kali on the chromebook acer c720 or link me to an appropriate website to where I could PLEASE. Thanks.

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