HELP: Installing Kali Linux in Acer Chromebook C720 Core i3

Hi folks, just wanted to install Kali Linux natively (don't want virtualization or anything like it) in this chromebook can some of you shed some light how to do it? I've search so many articles about it, but I don't want to start messing with it without the assurance of what will happen if something came up wrong. I'm new to Linux so I'm a lil bit scared, hope you help me with this one TIA.

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This article by OTW should help you.

I would recommend installing it in a virtual machine first (also the article says that) just to make sure nothing on your computer gets messed up. Then later on, if you want to, you can dual boot your current OS and Kali


Use this tutorial to install it as a dual boot, right onto your hard drive. It says backtrack but its the same process!

I am running Kali, and what I did was download the ISO file to a flash drive, and then I used USB persistence to save my data to the flash drive. This way I can take the flash drive anywhere and plug it into any computer and have all my data. My computer is exactly the same when I take the flash drive out

Just dual boot the system. I know there are workarounds for dual booting on Chromebooks and that soon there will be native dual booting support on those machines, but as of now I don't have that information available.

A quick search netted these results.


Yea dualboot is best!!
Usb method is really slow... but it is portable.

how practical would it be to put just kali on there i will have to upgrade to a 128 gig sd card because of the amount of room that i use but that will not be that bad. will i be able to use that as part of dedicated storage so it does that in the long term if i'm downloading something it will think it is just another flash chip instead of usb connected device. (i know but sd connected device sounds weird)

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