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I'm searching for a fast and cheap Chromebook that can run kali Linux via Chroot without any problems, thanks

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For an inexpensive pen test laptop I've had success with the HP Stream series and the Acer Aspire One series. I'm actually using an Aspire One right now with Arch.

Is ChromeBook a requirement?

thanks for answering fast, i want a chromebook for installing kali linux via chroot, but how do you pentest on your acer computer, do you use a live usb or dual boot or another method.


It's a small budget machine, I believe I paid 90 USD for it. It came with windows 8 which I upgraded to 10 (for permanent access to 10 on that machine in case I sell it). I then wiped windows from the system and installed Linux. Since it was so cheap it and the drive is so small it just made sense to let Linux live on the whole disk. I'm currently running Arch Linux and add tools as I need them.

Kali worked fine, but Gnome is a little sluggish for my tastes. If I were to install Kali on it again I would probably use XFCE or another lightweight window manager.

As far as a chromebook goes I lack the experience with them to recommend a model. Though you maybe happy to hear that Crouton currently supports Kali so installation shouldn't be an issue.

if its not a problem can you send me instructions for wiping windows and putting arch on it, because i havent buy the computer to work on it so i would be happy if possible

Arch is one of the more difficult Linux distros to install. I would start with the archwiki. If you are not comfortable with the steps involved Kali has a very straight forward install process. I would google the machine you linked and Debian to see if the machine will work with Kali, since Kali is based on Debian.

sorry for bothering again but can you tell me which computer do you have because i think the one that i send you is not compatible

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